The Acquafredda Castle and the San Giovanni Cave

In a fertile plain, among wheat fields, farms and streams that irrigate small vegetable gardens grown with care and patience, a volcanic relief of hard slippery rock suddenly shoots up to the sky. At the top, an old castle still clings on. A simple path uphill slowly leads us to discover the ruins of a village, the ancient cisterns for water collection and the remains of a small church. Finally, the castle appears before us, and from there we admire a landscape that glows with different colours every month of the year.

After touching the sky with your finger, we will feel as if floating between stillness and silence when we reach a very long cave down below, to admire huge stalactites, stone patterns created by water and rocky formations of rare beauty.

For almost a kilometre, we will cross this natural wonder with excitement and amazement, before emerging from the exit at the bottom in the middle of dark green woodlands of centuries-old oak trees. Amidst this enchanted nature, we will catch our breath from the beauty encountered, before resuming our journey along uncontaminated natural paths and arriving at the church of San Giovanni. It is here that ancestral rituals of water and fire still take place every summer solstice.

• Visit the Acquafredda Castle, which belonged to Count Ugolino della Gherardesca, a controversial medieval political figure quoted by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy.

• Explore the Cave of San Giovanni, one of the longest caves accessible by motorised vehicles in the world. In the nineteenth century, a passage was built for trucks that loaded the materials from inside the mines. Cars are no longer allowed in today.

• Admire impressive stalactites, bizarre stone formations and the ruins of prehistoric walls inside the cave.

• Take a short stroll in the Marganai forest, among oak woods, old mines and miners' paths.

• Discover the small church of San Giovanni, where ancient rituals of water and fire are celebrated every summer solstice.

• Conclude the experience with a glass of wine accompanied by tasty products of the Sardinian tradition that, if required, will also be suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Charge: 80 euros per person
Children 0-5 years: 0 euros
Kids 6-12 years: 40 euros

• Insurance.
• Tour guide.
• wine tasting.

• Entrance ticket to the castle.

Duration: 4 ore.

Departure time: 9 am, 15 pm.

Free pick-up from your hotel or other accommodation if no further than 20km from the city centre of Cagliari. An additional fee is charged for other areas. Please provide your accommodation details when booking the tour.

It is recommended to use preferably low and closed footwear, like trekking shoes.

We are aware of travellers’ needs and food choices, the reason why Sardfulness is committed to provide menus that are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people with food intolerances or allergies.

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