Welcome to this journey into the heart of our lives. (Daniel J Siegel)

Sardinia is truly a special place that guarantees a vast wealth of pleasantly unexpected experiences and moments, marked by the real conscious, healthy and genuine lifestyles of its inhabitants.

The island is waiting for you open-armed, and wants to meet you to get to know you and to offer all of its heart.

Wherever you come from, you will surely feel reborn in this special place. And you will take away this awareness and keep it fresh in your memories, to feel again part of Sardfulness whenever you want.

Emanuele Pittoni


I am Emanuele, or Lele for you and all my friends, and I am passionate about Sardinian language and culture. After graduating in Natural Sciences in Cagliari, the Sardinian capital, in 2002, I have worked as an anthropologist in various archaeological sites across the island, unlocking the secrets of human burial sites. Besides osteoarchaeology, I also love music, and since 1998, I am the lead singer of Ratapignata, one the most important bands of Sardinia.

I am a contributor to Italy’s national broadcaster, RAI, working as an author and host of radio programmes of culture and experiential tourism in the Sardinian language.

Since I was a child, I have always had three dreams: to learn about ancient history through the study of bone findings, to sing and to become a tour guide. It was finally in 2013 that I fulfilled my third dream, when I joined the regional register of environmental hiking guides. From that moment onwards, I began to share with many other lovers of experiential journeys the thrill of visiting the most beautiful places of my homeland.

Your travels will always be new experiences for me too, because I can never get used to the feelings evoked by crossing a vineyard at sunset in the summer or by treading on the quartz sand grains of a perfect beach by the turquoise sea. For me, it is always a new experience to listen to the sound of our local musical instruments, the launeddas, as well as to shake the hand of an old shepherd who showed me how to make cheese, or to look up with astonishment at a moving cloud of pink flamingos.

Each time it feels amazingly different when I am also with you, the fellow travellers I accompany. You are all amazing, serene and enthusiastic, and are always ready to immerse yourselves in everything we offer.