Cagliari: cultural walking tour, food and wine tasting experience

With quality and authenticity being the key ingredients of this experience, you will enjoy a unique path that winds along old churches, narrow streets and flower-decked balconies.

And we will be delighted to guide you through the different foods you will taste. Sardinia’s raw milk cheese, natural wine, cured meat prepared in accordance with local traditions, the real flavour of bread and fruit ice cream will engage your senses with their unique and special taste. Our goal will be to make you feel like hanging out with friends, while telling you the stories behind this ancient city scented by the fragrance of the sea and of its genuine, simple food.

In partnership with:

Sapori di Sardegna Shop, Vico dei Mille 1 Cagliari

Sabores, Bottega Aperitivi, Via Baylle 6 Cagliari

Gli Stefini, Artigiani del Gelato, Via Giovanni Maria Dettori 30 Cagliari

  • Wander the narrow, flower-decked streets in the district of Marina, its Medieval churches, its old doors to rich buildings, its artisan workshops and its small, hidden public squares.
  • Visit the small shops that keep fragrant cheeses and hams, enshrining the excellence and the hard work required by our traditional preparations. Learn the stories behind a glass of wine, and let a new awareness accompany every sip of it.
  • Taste the excellent homemade ice-cream produced in one of the most famous shops in Cagliari ( Sardinian sweets in winter time).

Charge: 85 euro per person



tasting of curated selection of local raw milk cheeses and cured meat. Two glasses of natural wine, homemade ice cream-sardinian sweets in winter (per person) . Walking tour 


Duration: 2h30min

Departure time: 10 30 a.m, 17 30 p.m


Participants: min2, max 6

Meeting Point: Rinascente Cagliari, Via Roma 143

Free hotel pick-up is only available from hotels in the metropolitan area of ​​Cagliari.

Port of Cagliari: Cruise terminal gate


Tasting not provide veggie or seafood alternatives

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