The horses of the Giara and the nuraghe of Barumini

The Giara is a vast uncontaminated basalt plateau where thousands of wild horses have lived for thousands of years, though it remains a mystery how they came to inhabit this natural landscape of outstanding beauty. We approach them through the cork oak trees and the myrtle-scented shrubs, to see them while they drink calmly in the small ponds.

The Giara is a special place; it stands high above and resists the strength of time protected by natural bastions of hard and steep rock. Below them, on the plain, we spot in the distance the monumental nuraghe of Barumini. This typical Sardinian prehistoric structure was built with stones carved out from the Giara itself.

The nuraghe is made up of a system of towers, part of an old genial idea the memory of which has sadly been lost. Today we can witness an amazing prehistoric monument built by people who knew how to govern with balance over the external forces. We will discover an archaeological site of hidden stone staircases and follow the traces left by people who believed in the power of water.

  • Take a short hike on the plateau of the Giara to immerse yourself in the natural environment where the renowned horses roam.
  • Go on a guided tour of the UNESCO site of Barumini to learn about the mystery of the age-old stone towers and to walk in the small alleys of the ancient village that was built around the nuraghe.
  • Discover the fascination of one of the most important Bronze Age cultures in the Mediterranean.
  • Have a unique experience in small farming villages among wheat fields, archaeological sites and nature.
  • Conclude the experience with a glass of wine accompanied by tasty products of the Sardinian tradition that, if required, will also be suitable for vegetarians.

Charge: 100 euros per person
Children 0-5 years: 0 euros
Kids 6-12 years: 40 euros


Tour guide.

Entrance ticket to the Su Nuraxi di Barumini archaeological site.


Duration: 4 hours.

Departure time: 9 30 am, 15 pm


Participants: min 2, max 4.

Free hotel pick-up is only available from hotels in the metropolitan area of ​​Cagliari.


It is recommended to use preferably low and closed footwear, like trekking shoes.

We are aware of travellers’ needs and food choices, the reason why Sardfulness is committed to provide menus that are suitable for vegetarians, and people with food intolerances or allergies.

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