The island of Sant’Antioco

The island of Sant’Antioco is home to the ruins of the oldest urban settlement in Sardinia, the Phoenician city of Sulky, which in Roman times was a rich and flourishing port. We walk in the town of Sant’Antioco itself where the ancient settlement once stood; its colourful houses line along the small port where every day the fishermen sell their catch.

We enter the narrow streets to discover that each house still treasures fragments of the prosperous history of Sulky. The aromas and the taste of fish and of bread still keep its memory alive. The looks, the smiles and every little gesture of the local people could resemble those of the Phoenicians, of a place that still hides secrets. One of them is the tradition of the byssus, the renowned golden brown marine natural filaments that are still spun and woven today to get fine embroidery.

We stroll along the coast on beautiful beaches interspersed with rocky natural barriers where the waves of the turquoise sea break. And we finally reach Calasetta, a small town of white houses nestled in juniper woods and vineyards that stretch all the way to the coast in front of the Faro di Mangiabarche, a working lighthouse that still guides sailors to safety.

  • Spend the entire day to explore one of the largest small islands in the Mediterranean.
  • Visit the town of Sant’Antioco to meet the fishermen and the artisans of the sea, as well as the Byssus Museum.
  • Discover archaeological sites and immerse yourself in beautiful nature.
  • Walk through the town of Calasetta, with its low houses overlooking the sea.
  • Experience the hospitality of one of the many restaurants scattered in this wonderful area, to taste the authentic flavours of the island’s cuisine. The dishes are prepared with genuine ingredients, caught, produced and/or grown in a sustainable way and with love for the environment. Vegetarian options are available upon request.

Charge: 150 euros per person
Children 0-5 years: 0 euros
Kids 6-12 years: 60 euros


• Tour guide.

• Lunch at the restaurant.


Duration: 6-8 hours.

Departure time: 9 am.


Participants: min 2, max 2.

Free hotel pick-up is only available from hotels in the metropolitan area of ​​Cagliari.


We are aware of travellers’ needs and food choices, the reason why Sardfulness is committed to provide menus that are suitable for vegetarians.

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