A few kilometers from Cagliari, stands a mountain with a peculiar shape, seven granit rocks, a natural jewel of rare beauty. A pristine mountain guardian of natural treasures and rare animals like the famous sardinian wild cat.

Wild boars, deer, eagles, foxes and partridges inhabit these woods. In spring the orchids grow abundantly and decorate this enchanted place with their beauty.

The Sette Fratelli Park is the perfect excursion for those who want to discover the real Oak Forest in Sardinia and feel like those who have walked these wonderful unforgettable paths since ancient times.

Such a special place can only be enjoyed fully by immersing oneself in its beauty, to contemplate and feel new and unexpected sensations.

This is a place far from everything, where only the sound of the wind breaks the silence. Is an amazing place even in winter that offers something beautiful every season. My favourite season is the autumn becausu I love collect the porcini mushrooms.

Immerse yourselfe in this incredible place.